Why Solar Source 

Solar Power Done The Right Way

Once you go Solar you’ll never go back. Solar Source makes the switch to solar energy easy. We are your energy partners. Our team takes care of everything from the design stage to obtaining permits for the project right down to the actual installation of your system designed by our engineers. Here’s how it works.

  • Free Consultation

    Our experienced team will do a free consultation and evaluate your home to see if it’s a good fit for solar so you can enjoy savings on your electric bill and use that savings where it matters. 

  • Sign Your Customized Agreement

    Your customized agreement will include your locked in energy cost for the next 25 years. There’s no hidden fees and no more worrying about increased energy costs. Your on your way to cleaner, cheaper, greener energy.

  • Design

    Based on your energy needs our engineers then begin designing your solar energy system that is tailored to your home . 

  • Installation

    Our experienced installation team will install your solar energy system quickly & professionally. We even handle the permits, inspections and all the paper work. All you have to do is sit back and watch it all come together. Now that’s worry free.

  • Start Saving

    Welcome to the power of the sun. Watch your savings grow as your solar system produces cleaner, cheaper, energy. 

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