Cost Of Solar

How Much Does a Solar Energy System Cost?

Many people think that a Solar Energy system for their home costs thousands and thousands of dollars. Well that just isn’t so. In fact you can get a solar system for your home for absolutely free! That’s right you heard it free. Your probably saying to yourself, o.k. what’s the catch? Well, there is none. With our Solar lease Agreement your not paying anything out of your pocket. Still don’t believe us. Let’s have a look at our solar lease agreement program.

With our solar lease program you no longer have to worry about your electric provider raising rates when you can be guaranteed a locked in rate that is lower for years to come. 

Solar Lease $0 Down

Free installation

Pay less for the same electric

Locked in pricing

Qualify Now

Cleaner, Cheaper, Greener

Your in good hands with Solar Source when you switch to solar energy for your home or business. Why? Well because our solar lease program includes the following:

Expert Design and Installation: Our team is knowledgeable, experienced solar engineers and installers with proven track records of quality solar systems.  

System Maintenance and Warranty: All of our Solar Systems come with a worry free warranty. Which means we will take care of any repairs or replacements for the life of the system. 

Insurance:  Our Solar systems also come with comprehensive coverage which will insure your system against any damage so you don’t have to.

System Monitoring: With our partnership with Sunnova we are constantly monitoring your systems production which you can also view and access from anywhere through our customer web portal. If we detect any issues, we will dispatch our services team to diagnose and correct the problem.

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